SVMobi's ingenious approach to mobile service optimization sets a new standard for excellence in the industry, delivering unparalleled results and customer value.

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Revenue Enhancer

SVMobi serves as a powerful revenue enhancer for Mobile Service Providers, driving growth and profitability through innovative solutions and strategic insights.

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Technology Driven

Driven by technology, SVMobi empowers Mobile Service Providers to stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Customer Focused

SVMobi is dedicated to being customer-focused, providing tailored solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty for Mobile Service Providers.

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Who We Are

SVMobi is a company specializing in mobile VAS technology

SVMobi is providing solutions and platforms that help mobile telecommunication operators boost their revenues in over 45 countries for 98+ operators. Since 2015, our primary objective has been to create outstanding digital marketing strategies and adopt agile transformations using cutting-edge technology.

Company in Numbers

Our services are utilized by more than 98 telcos, serving a total of 289 million mobile subscribers across Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

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    Telcos in 45 Countries

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Our Digital Services

SVMobi provides customized digital solutions to address the specific requirements of contemporary Telcom Operators Globally.

Our Platforms

Gamification Platform

Our gamification platform is the ultimate solution for telcos seeking to enhance customer engagement and loyalty. With a focus on interactive and rewarding experiences, our platform offers a wide range of gamified features to captivate users and drive participation. From loyalty programs to interactive challenges, telcos can leverage our platform to incentivize customer interactions and promote brand loyalty. Real-time analytics provide valuable insights into user behaviour and preferences, allowing telcos to tailor gamification strategies for maximum impact. Elevate your telco business with our gamification platform, designed to boost customer engagement, drive retention, and differentiate your services in a competitive market.

Our Partners

Our Global Presence

Total established 42 countries


903, Titanium One, Near Pakvan Cross Roads,
SG Highway, Bodakdev,
Ahmedabad 380054,
Gujarat, India


Office 2707, 27th floor
Prime Tower, 6C Marasi Dr – Dubai,
P.O. Box 112037
United Arab Emirates (UAE)