Mobile Platform

Mobile Platform

Mobile service providers all over the globe are experiencing phenomenal growth in terms of traffic thanks to ground breaking innovations. The monetisation of data-centric services is further creating opportunities for service providers to widen their presence and boost growth. This is why providing designing, deploying and marketing services that are more customer-centric and contextually aware has become more important than ever before. This requires subscription management for mobile brands through a comprehensive mobile platform equipped with all tools.

At SVMobi we provide a comprehensive mobile platform to accommodate all your mobile-centric design, deployment and promotional activities. We are one of the pioneers when it comes to integrating mobile platforms for services and promotion. At SVMobi we take pride in providing a mobile platform fully equipped with all the necessary and cutting-edge tools to help the integration of mobility in your business dynamics.

Some of the key benefits that set apart our comprehensive mobile platform for businesses include the following.

  • Fully personalised and user-centric mobility service
  • Highly context-aware and domain-specific
  • Fully organic and dynamic business campaign across platforms
  • The comprehensive and well-equipped solution with all tools
  • Through the subscription lifecycle manager dynamic and personalised mobile services guaranteed.

Finally, through the comprehensive mobile platform provided by us, we simplify and streamline the entire management, deployment, processing and monitoring of all subscription services.

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