Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

SVMobi is a leading mobile payment service provider acknowledged by global corporations and a multitude of business and ecommerce apps across the niches. We help companies to integrate mobile payment gateways and digital payment apps in their respective business apps and solutions. Our payment solutions have led the way to success for many businesses worldwide across several different niches.

Carrier Billing and Wallet Services from SVMobi

Our carrier billing platform is extremely popular among merchants of all niches particularly for the comprehensive user lifecycle management & real time tracking. The platform gained traction from leading vendors because of the contribution it makes to the growth of a company & a quick decision making power to business managers.
Some Unique features of offerings for carrier billing are

  • Single integrated service accessible all over the globe : As the leading mobile wallet and carrier billing service, we take full responsibility to negotiate and strike the deal with mobile operators of respective countries worldwide. Just by integrating our payment services you can allow customers to hundreds of countries to access payment and messaging services.
  • Completely reliable and transparent : The complexity of taxation is a continuing deterrent factor in wallet integration in apps. We take full responsibility and pain to pay the taxes in the local market while streamlining the entire process of payment.
  • Engaging user experience : Carrier billing is one of the most popular and widely adopted payment process methods now because of ease and simplicity. We made the billing and payment processing even richer and better simply by sophisticated technology that can recognise a device faster and can allow faster checkout.
  • In-depth reports and analytics : We also provide powerful and highly effective reporting and analytics tool to give you a detailed overview of the transactions and messages besides offering crucial insights about transactions.
  • Helping you to grow in new markets : As the mobile economy is mainly experiencing growth in emerging and new markets, we have a particular focus to help our customers make purchases easily through mobile devices in these markets. We design and develop our solutions mainly keeping these emerging markets in mind.
  • State of the art protection from frauds : Our solution comes with a robust monitoring system and sophisticated threshold detection system to detect any issue much before it becomes a crucial obstacle. Our carrier billing process ensures even lower risk factors than so-called payments through credit or debit cards.
  • Round the clock integration and support : We provide robustly and round the clock support to merchants for bundling, carrier billing and messaging services.
    Why choose us for Mobile Payment service? :
    As the digital era has dawned on us, making payment through mobile interface has become the most popular and easier way to pay for purchases made whether online and offline. Having a complete understanding of this, we offer mobile payment services including carrier billing and wallet to help the faster processing of payment.
    Some of the key reasons to choose SVMobi for mobile payment service include the following.
  • A robust team of mobile payment experts comprising veteran developers of payment apps, UI designers, carrier billing and wallet experts, ecommerce experts, mobile payment strategists, etc.
  • We boast of a strong portfolio of ecommerce websites, mobile commerce apps, and business apps who have been benefited by our services.
  • We are a customer focused company with a strong priority on ease of payment process. We offer comprehensive testing for the mobile payment UIs and pages to ensure effortless transactions.
  • We offer end to end mobile payment service and take comprehensive care of everything in between.
  • We are capable to integrate most befitting and relevant mobile payment solutions with a broad range of business and ecommerce apps and websites.
  • We offer round the clock support to address all performance issues at the earliest.

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