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SV obi is a leading performance based mobile advertising service provider allowing brands to engage with the mobile audience with mobile ads across platforms. We create advertising campaigns for different user segments to help informed decision making and to ensure steady traction. The mobile ads created by us are designed to appeal to the wider audience across business niches. Over the years, we carved out a niche reputation with a highly customer-centric advertising service for a wide variety of customer segments.

What do we do in mobile advertising?

For most well-performing advertising campaigns you can depend on the range of tools and mechanisms provided by SVMobi. Let us briefly explain below the key things we do in mobile advertising.

Hyper-Local targeting: We provide a whole array of sophisticated tools to help you target particular customer profiles in a local market.
Context-aware targeting: We help you get a variety of traffic from various sources by targeting specific user contexts as per your business niche and category.

Region Based targeting: Irrespective of the mobile operator available in various countries we help you run advertising campaigns in the respective country or region.

Browser and device level targeting: We also help you in placing your ads designed specifically for particular browsers, devices and operating system versions.

IP address targeting: We also help you target particular audiences on the basis of their IP addresses and help you reach specific customers.
Custom-scheduling ads: We also help you reach your target audience in a specific time of the day by custom-scheduling your ads.
Instant tracking of ads: We also provide analytics and real-time tracking tools to evaluate and monitor the performance of your ads so that you can tweak them for best results.

Customer focused pricing: We offer an array of price categories and packages based on your advertising needs and traffic requirement. Some of the popular pricing models provided by us include Cost Per Mile (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per Install (CPI).

Mobile advertising services from SVMobi

Our Mobile advertising services range across a multitude of advertising niches and types including ad design, integrating ads into mobile website and apps, optimising mobile ads for more business conversion and many other services. Some of the key mobile advertising services offered by us include the following.

  • Mobile advertisement design and integration
  • Mobile ads optimisation for different platforms and device screens
  • Mobile ads optimisation for boosting business conversion
  • Helping apps and websites with an effective mobile advertising strategy
  • Testing mobile ads to detect performance and conversion issues

We undertake all types of mobile advertising services ranging from integrating mobile ads across different apps across platforms to mobile ads optimisation and testing. We leave no leaves unturned to ensure highly effective mobile ads thatDo you want to know in more details about our mobile advertising services? Just feel free to give us a call or drop a message and our mobile advertising experts will engage with you shortly.

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