Be the first, be a pioneer with Monty Holding Group.


After decades of working in the telecom business, I have come to believe that winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.

Indeed, Monty Holding started as a small one-office company only to evolve into a multinational corporation with offices around the world. Standing behind our staggering success is our unique customer service, driven by our constant willingness to do better by innovating and creating new means of connecting our clients. Technological breakthroughs and dedicated experts are our major differentiators in a constantly challenging telecom industry. The innovative solutions we bring to the market, the way we listen to our customers and answer their queries, and the way we observe the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards at all times to deliver a truly personalized customer experience; those are our assets.

Being a major worldwide connection player, monty holding also strives to improve its performance, expand its coverage, and boost its return on investment in order to remain a preferred global connection partner. To achieve these objectives, we work closely with our sister companies under the Monty Holding umbrella and persistently offer the most aggressive prices to connect our clients to the world through highly competitive Data, Voice and SMS packages.

At monty holding, we promise we’ll always put your business one step ahead, because your success is our most important reward. We will keep moving forward with technology no matter the challenges and we invite you to join us by constantly upgrading your business using monty holding’s revolutionizing solutions.

Be the first, be a pioneer with Monty Holding.


Monty Holding is an international leader in mobile messaging and transaction services, which enables its customers to alert, interact and transact with their business and end consumer partners on the mobile phone.

Monty Holding was founded in 1998 by Montasser Hachem, and has grown to become a strong organization comprised of 2 companies thus positioning itself as a major player in the telecom market with connections with more than 700 operators around the world.

Aiming to serve our clients and having a goal to provide the highest level of telecom services, Monty Holding offers a full range of telecommunication solutions using automation and technology combined with a visionary team to support and give our partners the services they require.

Mission Vision

Monty Holding Group is the leading Global Provider of Wholesale Voice Carrier Services.


Our mission is to provide reliable and effective voice and SMS services to the international and local markets. Working in a team environment with worldwide partners, we deliver long-term communication and interconnection solutions worldwide. We struggle to be leaders in the telecommunication industry, working with the best experts in the field and having an outstanding customer service.


Monty Holding aims at becoming a global-scale telecom leader by interconnecting global operators and peers in a multi-dimensional field joined in a single chain, and continuously diversifying our products and services portfolio to enhance the telecom market with the best innovative technical solutions.


Our rich years of experience in the field has gained us an advantage of a fully developed “know-how” structure that we build on in the hope of becoming one of the biggest SMS Hubs in the world. We consider our experience as a growing component whereby we will fully devote ourselves into bringing the telecom industry to a whole new level.


Monty Holding is a multinational key industry player in the telecom world, with two subsidiaries:

MONTY MOBILE, a GSMA certified Open Connectivity SMS Hub and Roaming Broker

SPACTRON, a leading Global Provider of International Wholesale Voice Carrier Services offering international voice interconnections, value-added telecom
solutions and a complete range of retail and voice interconnections

Monty Holding has connections with more than 700 operators around the world, and is always looking to expand its connectivity to have more coverage.


Get connected to the world!


  • Customers First

    We always strive to create long-term value for customers by being. We measure our work against how much value we bring to customers, because customer’s success is ours too.

  • Ambition:

    We are eager to help you achieve your goals

  • Collaboration

    We work cooperatively with our loyal customers in a joint intellectual effort

  • Competitiveness

    We always strive to be the best in the industry

  • Credibility

    We always crave to gain our customer’s full trust

  • Leadership

    We pride ourselves be Leaders not Followers

  • Passion

    We seek to exceed your expectations

  • Innovation

    We create unique solutions for any given need.

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Mountasser Hachem
CEO, Founder

Mountasser Hachem
CEO, Founder

Mountasser Hachem
CEO, Founder

Mountasser Hachem
CEO, Founder

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